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Monday, January 16, 2012

Italian Bianco Carrara Marble - White Carrera Marble

Carrara marble is a metamorphosed limestone, which comes from the quarries of Carrara, Italy. Similar with other natural stones, carrera marble differs from one another in colors, veining and shades. On the surface of the white carrera marble, various shades of grey veining and streaks provides carrera marble with additional appreciation value. With various characteristics, carrera can be classified into different types, such as Bianco Carrara (white Carrera), Statuary Carrara (Statuario Carrera). Also specific names given to distinguish this stunning marble from similar products, Calacatta, Dolomiti and Venato are just some of them. Bianco Carrara marble was used in architecture by the ancient Greeks and Romans, usually as exterior cladding, and has been favored as a sculpting material, especially in the Renaissance. Michaelangelo's David, is made of Carrera marble. Today White Carrara marble commonly used in home design as countertops and floor tiles for its clean, aesthetic qualities.