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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Evolving Tastes Over a Carrara Countertop

Our tastes change, it's a fact.  And I owe my tastes to my mom, who is a great cook (whose mom isn't right?).  I remember, as a teenager,  she always had this inexplicable connection to her marble countertop which I hated -- despised at that time btw.  Cos you see,  that countertop had more scratches and etches on it than one could ever dream of!  How could I know though?  The woman was so obsessed with her kitchen that she wouldn't let me or my brother come within 10 of her utensils, let alone her precious carrara countertop.  As we come from Italian descent, Atkins or anything smilar to any type of popular diet regimen was never spelled right in our home.  Atkins was spelled "fat kids" for us (me and my brother I mean).  She would knead her pasta dough, roll it into sheets, cut it into thin strips and feed us nonstop! Thank you Carrera marble because I wouldn't be who I am today if it was not for your and mom's joint efforts... 5' 5" - 158.4lbs!

As I said in the beginning, our tastes change and it's a fact (though my love for both pasta and my mom stays untouched) that while growing older, I started to realize why she was so in love with her precious marble countertop.  It was cut from a huge carrara slab to suit her needs and it was the perfect material for the professional cook --maybe I should say "wannabe cook" in this case?-- your kids are addicted to sugar & caramel?  You don't want them buying store candy? You just boil caster sugar with corn syrup and add a pint of heavy cream, then pour over the cold old carrara marble countertop, then all you have to do is scrape and pull, scrape and pull, knead and roll into shiny foils to make them look real (they were "real!" Just ask my 37.4lbs in excess and they'll tell you the "real" story).  Pasta, sugar, cake, and more pasta... then suddenly it was my turn to learn how to cook.  Actually that's the time when "my" taste started to change.  Marble was a miracle!  It turns out that marble was everything and the right key to perfection in cooking.  Mom was right and I was wrong (whose mom has ever been wrong, right?).  And that's how I... Yes, that's how I got my own countertop cut from a huge Carrara slab for my own kitchen.  I have never regretted it and I don't think I ever will.  Etches and scratches are essential if you want to master making pasta dishes or home made candies or... I guess I'll never lose that 37.4lbs extra! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Carrara Marble Tiles at Wholesale Prices!

Many people are turning to more organic materials to upgrade their home interiors with. Marble tiles are one of the most organic types of tiling that can be found on the market. Having marble tiles in the house is no longer a status symbol for the rich and elite of society. Any income level can make improvements to their home by adding a new floor. The white marble tiles are currently very fashionable and useful in home remodeling exercises. From the point of cooling, marble has is a helpful feature in your home. Since the stone takes a long time in order to get warmed, you can always enjoy the cool floors during hot weather conditions. So why not combine beauty with functionality? Premium quality carrara tile marble, carrara white marble mosaics of Italy, honed or polished for your kitchen, bathroom or shower, at wholesale prices!

PS. Because marble tiles and mosaics are very heavy, we recommend ground shipping to reduce your shipping costs, but you also have the option to choose a quicker delivery method, such as UPS two-day or overnight.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Crema Marfil Marble Tiles and Mosaics

Crema marfil marble is a light-beige yellowish coloured marble, with uniform background. It presents some irregular, darker veins and a relative amount of fossils. We do offer a large selection of crema marfil tile and crema marfil mosaics which comes in sizes from 12x12, 18x18, 6x6, 4x12 to 4x4 or 3x6. Other styles such as crema marfil polished and tumbled tiles or popular hexagon, herringbone cuts are also available for your bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes. Please go thorough our website and checkout our selection of marble crema marfil mosaic, which can be used as kitchen backsplash or shower wall. Creamy colors of crema marfil marble tile will go with any bathroom or flooring design and will lighten up the entire project site. We also have marble tile crema marfil moldings, liners and tumbled tiles that will complete your design projects.

Carrara Marble Tiles - Free Shipping on Sample Orders and Select Items!

It's a particular pleasure to be able to offer up good news to the world of marble tiles and mosaics. After much number crunching, graph making and careful discussion, we decided to offer Free Shipping on select items. And unlike similar offers made by other marble companies, when we say "select items" we mean our TOP SELLING Carrara Marble Products! Last year, we started offering free shipping on sample orders you get. This year, we decided to just eliminate the shipping prices on our favored mosaics and moldings. We realize that bianco carrara marble tiles and mosaics has become steadily more expensive over the past few years. While we have little control over that, we can find a way to reduce the price to you, by finding ever more efficient ways to do what we do.

Yes, carrara marble prices everywhere will likely continue to rise over time, but we've made a commitment to trim that rise back a bit, even if it means making a little less on each tile we ourselves sell. Also worth noting is that we are not claiming pseudo discounts. Prices given at are final and has no percentage discount covering up on them, such as showing price X and reducing it falsely to Y amount.

We're dedicated to consistently bringing you the best selection at the best price we possibly can.

And since our great selection is hardly limited to carrara marble, we have a wide range of beautiful crema marfil marble & mosaics, white statuario and bianco dolomite collections awaiting your inspection. You'll find spectacular pieces of Afyon gold sugar, light and dark Emperadors, Ivory Travertine, Honey Onyx at our basketweave mosaics section. And, of course, don't miss the stunning nero marquina marble tiles, mosaics & moldings!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carrara Marble Slabs - White Carrera

We have a new category White Carrara Marble Slabs on our site

You can choose between 2 different sizes 3/4 inch thickness or 1 1/4 inch and polished or honed finishes. Great design element for kitchen and bathroom!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wide Range of Carrara Marble Tiles and Mosaics at

Bianco Carrera marble is a great interior design element, widely used for kitchen, bathroom floor and wall covering in homes. Aside from its residential usage, it is also used for commercial applications such as hotels and resturants. You can choose from our broad selection of premium grade, first quality italian carrera mosaics for your kitchen backsplash, shower or bathroom. All of our mosaics mounted on one square foot of sturdy mesh to facilitate easy and flawless installation. Cladding walls and flooring also made easy with our wide selection of precision cut, greater sized white carrara marble tiles, moldings, liners and borders which are perfect to put finishing touches to your design project. Please note that we carry different finishes and sizes of marble tiles starting from 12x24, 18x18, 12x12, 6x12, 6x6, 4x12, 4x4 to 3x6 marble subway tiles, and carrara marble slabs. Square, rectangle, mini brick, baseboard, hexagon, octagon, herringbone, diamond (rhomboid) and basketweave mosaics are the most popular marble and mosaic tiles for floor and wall installation. You can also choose among different surface types such as tumbled, polished or honed carrara marble tiles, carrara mosaics, carrara moldings and pencil liners.

Italian Bianco Carrara Marble - White Carrera Marble

Carrara marble is a metamorphosed limestone, which comes from the quarries of Carrara, Italy. Similar with other natural stones, carrera marble differs from one another in colors, veining and shades. On the surface of the white carrera marble, various shades of grey veining and streaks provides carrera marble with additional appreciation value. With various characteristics, carrera can be classified into different types, such as Bianco Carrara (white Carrera), Statuary Carrara (Statuario Carrera). Also specific names given to distinguish this stunning marble from similar products, Calacatta, Dolomiti and Venato are just some of them. Bianco Carrara marble was used in architecture by the ancient Greeks and Romans, usually as exterior cladding, and has been favored as a sculpting material, especially in the Renaissance. Michaelangelo's David, is made of Carrera marble. Today White Carrara marble commonly used in home design as countertops and floor tiles for its clean, aesthetic qualities.