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Friday, January 20, 2012

Carrara Marble Tiles - Free Shipping on Sample Orders and Select Items!

It's a particular pleasure to be able to offer up good news to the world of marble tiles and mosaics. After much number crunching, graph making and careful discussion, we decided to offer Free Shipping on select items. And unlike similar offers made by other marble companies, when we say "select items" we mean our TOP SELLING Carrara Marble Products! Last year, we started offering free shipping on sample orders you get. This year, we decided to just eliminate the shipping prices on our favored mosaics and moldings. We realize that bianco carrara marble tiles and mosaics has become steadily more expensive over the past few years. While we have little control over that, we can find a way to reduce the price to you, by finding ever more efficient ways to do what we do.

Yes, carrara marble prices everywhere will likely continue to rise over time, but we've made a commitment to trim that rise back a bit, even if it means making a little less on each tile we ourselves sell. Also worth noting is that we are not claiming pseudo discounts. Prices given at are final and has no percentage discount covering up on them, such as showing price X and reducing it falsely to Y amount.

We're dedicated to consistently bringing you the best selection at the best price we possibly can.

And since our great selection is hardly limited to carrara marble, we have a wide range of beautiful crema marfil marble & mosaics, white statuario and bianco dolomite collections awaiting your inspection. You'll find spectacular pieces of Afyon gold sugar, light and dark Emperadors, Ivory Travertine, Honey Onyx at our basketweave mosaics section. And, of course, don't miss the stunning nero marquina marble tiles, mosaics & moldings!